I will not leave you as orphans I will come to you. John 14:18

Saturday, May 25, 2013


The time is getting close to pack our bags and fly across the country to meet our little girl! We will be taking extra suitcases filled with items to leave behind with the people in Uganda. We could use your help to get our suitcases as packed as possible; any donations would be greatly appreciated! Here are some ideas...

Things needed:
·       Garlic Press
·       Potato peeler
·       Vegetable seeds
·       Spices
o   Cumin
o   Rosemary
o   Cayenne
o   Garlic
o   Basil
o   Etc
·       Men’s cotton shirts
·       Children’s clothing
o   Cotton dresses
o   T-shirts
o   Shoes
o   Socks
o   Etc
·       Sharpening stones
·       Fillet knife
·       Fishing hooks
·       Pot holders
·       Cotton materials
o   1 ½ yards for blankets
·       Receiving blankets
·       Scarves
·       Cotton skirts
·       Bread loaf pans
·       Wooden spoons
·       Dish towels
·       Nail files
·       Playing cards
·       Paring knife
·       Travel soap
·       Pencils
·       Mosquito nets
·       Pens
·       Worship Cd's
·       Recorded sermons
·       Toys
o   Jump ropes
o   Dolls
o   Matchbox cars
o   Pretend/play food
o   Bubbles 

REMINDER!!! Our garage sale fundraiser will be June 7th-8th and if you have items to donate to the sale, please bring your donations to our home on June 1st between noon and five. If you have any items to donate off the list above, feel free to drop those things off on June 1st as well. :) Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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