I will not leave you as orphans I will come to you. John 14:18

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


So before I get started, let me just say that this is Andrew and I will be taking over the blog posting for a while.

Today was a bittersweet day because Courtney is headed home to be with Elle, Houston and Ivy, but that meant that I had to say goodbye to her.  To properly inform you on why Courtney is headed home and I am not, let me take you back a couple days.  

We started this week hoping and praying that we would get our documents from the court on Monday or Tuesday, go to the embassy on Wednesday and come home on Friday.  Unfortunately this did not come to pass.  Instead, we are left wondering if we will get the paperwork this week or Monday of next, not knowing how long it will take for us to get Maisy's visa once we turn in our paperwork to the embassy and feeling the loss due to us both being away from E, H and I for so long.  Because of this uncertainty, we had a decision to make...do we both stay on and hope that it doesn't take long for everything to go through or does one of us go home to be with the kids at home and take care of things on the home front?  As you might guess, we chose to send Courtney home.  The main reason that it was Courtney heading home and not myself is because my name is on all of the paperwork for Maisy's visa and I will need to sign it when I turn it in, but Courtney does not have to be there.  

This brings us to yesterday.  It was a mad dash both here in Uganda as well as in the States (thank you Dad and Janna's daughter-in-law!!) to figure out when to change our tickets to and to make sure it all got done without Courtney's ticket being messed up.  We decided to set Janna and my return date out far enough that our bases will be covered if the rest of the process is drawn out...August 2nd.  Even this changed though when tickets were being booked as Emirates has been very busy and Janna couldn't get a ticket before the 5th and I couldn't get one before the 7th! Sigh...God has a plan for everything...do not be anxious for anything.  After a LOT of work, our tickets and OUR plans were successfully changed.

Today...this morning we got out of bed, packed the car and headed for the airport.  On the way we stopped in Kampala to grab breakfast and a latte at a little cafe in a mall.  The food and drinks were delicious but our time together was waning.  On to the airport.  

At the airport in Entebbe you have to say your goodbyes outside and watch through windows (from far away because the armed guards will not let you get close) as your loved one goes through security and to the ticket/luggage counter.  We said our teary goodbyes and Courtney walked through the airport doors.  I never realized just how thick that glass could be until Courtney was on the other side and I had to watch my beloved...my support...my rock...my beautiful wife walked towards her departure from Uganda.  It. Was. Hard.

Though it was difficult to say goodbye, I know we made the right decision and that it is a very good thing that Courtney is heading home and that Elle, Houston and Ivy will get to be back with their mommy.  Though it was hard, I know that it is only temporary and that soon I will get to bring home the newest member of our family and that our reunion will be more joyous and more incredible than I can even anticipate.

Courtney, I miss you and I love you more than words can say.  I will see you again very soon and on that day, our family of five will become six.  I look very forward to that day and pray it comes quickly. Until then, know that I am always thinking of, loving and praying for you, Elle, Hoston and Ivy.  Forever and always yours,


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AuntiePants said...

Andrew and Courtney - I have been praying for you and will continue to do so. God is with you and Maisy is HIS...and he is blessing you with her. I'm so proud of you all.