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Friday, September 2, 2011

Adoption Benefit concert

On August 13th we put on an adoption benefit concert with the talented and amazing Amber Sweeney, Chris Chesbro and Natalie Closner.  The night was full of dessert, drinks and dancing and we had a good number of people show up to support us and be entertained.  The trio of singer/songwriters did not disappoint and gave an amazing performance that was infused with personality and stories about their lives and songs.  We were even able to get Courtney up there to sing a song which was a treat for us all.  All in all we were able to raise almost $1,000 which brought us up to about 70% of the way to what we need to start the adoption process!  We are getting there!

An update on when we expect to start the process...Due to me (Andrew) having a hard time finding a job, I have decided to go back to school and get my MBA.  Thankfully this is only an 11 month process and will be finished next July.  We are hoping to raise the rest of the money needed to start the adoption process by that time so that when I get into a job we can get the process going.  We are excited for that time but are trying to enjoy the journey that we are on in the meantime.

I have included a few pictures and some video below for you to take a look at.  This does come with one disclaimer though.  The video we got of the concert once the sun had started to set is not great quality visually so you will just have to listen at that point :)  So take a look below and enjoy!

Photo credit Hanna Hill

Video credit Kristen Woods

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