I will not leave you as orphans I will come to you. John 14:18

Friday, March 22, 2013

Home Study

I can't beleive I haven't posted anything since December! It truly feels like I posted about our future daughter only a few weeks ago. Time flies and it sure has gone by extra quickly these past few months!

We have finished our home study now and are waiting to recieve it in the mail. Once we have the home study in hand we will then send it off to our government and wait for them to approve/finalize everything. This could take up to two months or so. Once our government gives us the "green light" so-to-speak we will then get in touch with the Ugandan government about scheduling a court date. This is a lengthy process no doubt but as we learn time and time again, God's timing is the perfect timing and everything happens according to His will/plan. We are more anxious than ever to go over and meet our daughter but we are praying for peace and patience as we wait everything out. 

Andrew and I woke up to a sweet surprise yesterday; a photo of Maisy (rhyms with Daisy and means 'wished-for-child') popped up in our in-box. We shared the image with our family and close friends. I love what my father-in-law wrote on his FB page after recieving this photograph:

"For any of you involved in the process of adoption, you know it isn't much different than waiting for a child to be born...you can't get to them, or see them except in images, but your heart is already so deeply given away that you can feel their presence in the deeper roots of your soul.
Our son Andrew, and his wife Courtney have completed the home study and now we all wait for governments and courts to allow them to go and get Maisy from Uganda, where she waits. Prayers are welcome! Here is the picture we received today..."

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