I will not leave you as orphans I will come to you. John 14:18

Sunday, June 30, 2013


Maisy is slowly coming out of her shell and yesterday, just as the probation officer came to the home to interview us, she sat on my lap and giggled and grinned huge. That was a major blessing and praise because the probation officer looks for signs of bonding. He has the first say over whether or not our case will even make it to the court. Ricki (Maisy's current foster dad so-to-speak and founder of ISAC KIDS) said: Not too long ago, there were two adoption cases brought before the court, one family was approved and the other was turned down ONLY because in the court room, the baby cried and cried and showed no sign of attachment to the couple hoping to adopt.

We were woken early this morning by Jackie, informing us the lawyer was in the living room wanting to go over the paper work. This is huge as lawyers typically do not make house calls. It is a very good sign that things are going well and that we will have a court date scheduled very soon, Lord willing. Please continue pray that all of this paper work gets to the court soon so that we get our appointment set. The courts close on July 12th so it is extremely important that we get everything turned in within the next couple of days.

God is good and everyone here is standing in amazement at how quickly Maisy has bonded with me. From the time we arrived, she has been attached to my hip. She follows me wherever I go and wants to be held all the time. She is just so tender and sweet. She sure does love her tea! Her and I enjoy a cup of tea together in the morning on the porch while gazing over the wall at the town.

She is having a harder time bonding with Andrew at the moment but we understand why as she really isn't around men much all. Pray for this as Andrew is itching to get some cuddles in!

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