I will not leave you as orphans I will come to you. John 14:18

Sunday, June 30, 2013


We had a good flight in to Entebbe from Dubai today. We made it to the home in Jinja (despite some crazy drivers on the road!). Maisy was handed to us the minute we got outside to meet her and she cried for about a minute but then came to me and clung on for dear life. She sat on my lap (yep, no car seats here! Yikes.)  and slept a portion of the ride home on my lap and eventually warmed up to Andrew half way home and then slept on his lap the rest of the way. Once we got back to the house, she wouldn't let me put her down for anything!

Maisy is still healing from getting Malaria last month and is a little fussy and uncomfortable at times. She finishes up her meds tomorrow so please pray they will do their job and heal her up!

When we were trying to put her to bed she cried quite a bit and finally Jackie said: here, give her this piece of white bread and this cup of tea (literally, tea in a grown up mug). I was a bit confused seeing as my kids did not know how to drink out of a grown up cup without spilling until they were closer to two but I just did as she said. Immediately Maisy calmed down, sat up on the bed, held her bread and drank her tea. It was so cute! And no wonder she was clueless about how to drink out of the new sippie cup we brought her, haha! Andrew and I just kind of stood there amazed as she slurped down the tea without spilling a single drop! After that, I rocked her to sleep and she's been out ever since. Here's hoping we three sleep well together tonight and that she doesn't get totally freaked out when she wakes up next to two white faces!

Uganda is beautiful and Andrew and I are really looking forward to experiencing more of it in the next few days.

The probation officer is coming tomorrow to interview. Please continue to pray for smooth sailing as far as all the court and government stuff goes!

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